Why is my stomach hurting like contraction in middle of my stomach and on the sides I get sharp pains! My dr said intestenal spasms? Librax (clinidium and chlordiazepoxide) did not work

Spasms. First off, tell your doctor the Librax (clinidium and chlordiazepoxide) failed. Communication is very important in medicine. Next, there are a lot of unknowns. Blood in stool? Black stools? Consistency of stools. The number of stools a day? Testing done to confirm spastic colon. Most likely irritable bowell syndrome mixed. Meaning have loose stools to constipation. However, check back with your doc and get reevaluated.
Impossible to say. There are hundreds of different causes of abdominal pain, and most doctors will do at least a few tests to determine the cause. Your doctor would seem to think that you were having "irritable bowel syndrome, " which involves overactivity of intestinal muscles and may be related to stress. More fiber in your diet, probiotics, certain herbal meds (fennel, peppermint) and stress management may help.