When is the best time take protein for a Parkinson's patient? Is it before or after a levadopa dose?

Low-protein diet! Research indicates increased benefits for low-protein diet with parkinson's. Because Levodopa is absorbed best on empty stomach, the drug is usually recommended 1/2 to 1 hour before or after meals. Nutritional studies suggest that most protein intake should be done during evening meal.

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How many grams of protein should a Parkinson's patient that takes levadopa should take per day?

Good question. Its the type and timing of protein that matter since the smooth delivery of the parkinsons medication may be at risk resulting in dose failures. Unfortunately as you may have discovered the commercial products (drinks) that are sold tend to taste awful. I'd just eat what you like and not wory about it so long as your serum albumen is in the normal range. Muscle milk has 18 gm 1/day helps. Read more...