What causes clogged in naso gastric tube?

Thickened fluids. Thickened secretions get 'sticky' and 'clog' the narrow n-g tubes frequent flushing will help.

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Naso-gastric tube hurt m uch?

Depends... Some people complain about it constantly, some people don't have much issue with it. Alot depends on the actual size of the tube as well as the flexibility of the tube. As it stays in the body, it warms to body temperature and can become more flexible and less of an issue. Read more...

What are the conditions that naso -gastric tube feeding is used?

Old fashion. no body use nasal gastric feeding tube now unless it have been used for a very short period of time if it was used they use it on any patient that not capable of eating but his guts is capable of digestion the food good way of nutrition for a patient that could not feed themselves IV fluid has no nutritional values only good for hydration if feeding needed they use now PEG tube . Read more...