Our baby is 9 months old and has a 103.1 fever and it keeps going up and down between use of tylenol (acetaminophen). What should we do?

See a doctor. This could be a very serious condition, even life-threatening. You should be seeking care immediately.
1 symptom. Fever is just one symptom and you need to look at the whole picture. Does your baby appear weak, not eating or drinking or just not acting right? Or is your baby still playing, eating and drinking and has no other symptoms? The first set of symptoms means your child is very sick and needs to see a doctor now in the er. The second set means your baby can wait to be seen in clinic tomorrow.
9 mths baby 103 fvr. 9 months old baby with temp of 103 needs to be checked to find the cause of the fever.Fever in 9 month old baby can come from viral or bacterial infection, and it may or may not be serious, but dont take chances, consult your pediatrician or go to er.