Where do I get a hair transplant from for my receding line and how much will it cost?

Specialist. See an individual with extensive experience and good aesthetic judgment. The number iss important and will effect the overall costs but bigger is not always immediately better as excessive grafting, overpacking, and swelling can compromise graft survival.Z.
Hair Transplant. You should seek consultation from a hair transplant specialist. You can look for a specialist in your area at the international society of hair replacement surgeons (ishrs). Cost is approximately between $3-8 per graft.
Back,sides of head. Hair is removed from areas that are genetically resistant to hair loss and moved to front. A large micrograft session will cost about 4-5, 000. Depending on area to be covered and donor area 2-3 sessions amy e necessary for a good result.
See below. Moseley hair center. I believe the cost is high.Propecia may help.This med is topical and any physician can write a prescription for it.