What is the best treatment for a sprained ankle I've tried using a bag of ice I've also taken ibuprofen and have also tried heat with little effect?

RICE. Initially, recommendations are to decrease the swelling with rest, ice, compression (like and ace bandage or foam) and elevation of the feet. Heat increases the swelling and will probably increase the pain until the swelling has gone down. Strengthening exercises once the swelling is down include writing the abc's with your ankle. You should also consider wearing a brace for risky activities.
See a professional. If you have tried this conservative care it is time to see a professional to make sure that sprain is not a tear or fracture.
Immediate icing! This is best immediately after the injury occurs. The ankle needs support, but and properly used "ace-type badage can immediately help. I would place the injured one on an nsaid, like alleve. If the pain is extreme and no weight bearing is possible, he should see a doctor who can deal with complicated sprains, usually a sports physician or orthopedist !