Been diagnosed with troncanteric bursitis (probably not spelled right) & have had 2 shots & phys. Ther. Nothing seems to be working yet. Any suggestion?

Wrong DX! Trochanteric bursitis almost always responds to steroid injections. Since you have failed two injections, I use a latin expression, " re ipso loquitor, " ie. "the results speak for themselves. Since you did not tell about your sx, i cannot tell what you have. See a rheumatology or physiatrist specialist!
Reassess. Trochanteric bursitis usually responds very well to steroid injections within a few days. Rarely pt is also needed. If those modalities aren't working, you should see your doctor for reassessment. Deformities or injuries to the feet, ankles, and knees can change the way you walk, leading to unresponsive trochanteric bursitis. Your doctor should look for those things..