How to get rid of milk spots/milia?

Milia. are tiny white bumps that occur when keratin becomes trapped below the skin's surface. Most go away on their own and in most cases, no treatment is recommended. Attempts to treat milia outside of a dermatologist's office can result in infection and scarring. Some people have had success by using saunas or steam baths.
Probably milia. These are probably milia and may occur due to excessive moisture with occlusive dressings. These commonly occur after minor surgery especially dermabrasion. A light exfoliation and allowing the wound to be covered with a non comedogenic dressing may help. Retinoids may help decrease the incidence. Of course there is a possibility of other conditions and this should be excluded by your physician.

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How can you get rid of milk spots (milium)?

Go away on own. Do not require treatment, they go away on their own. Read more...
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