If I had a wart or warts in my vaginal area and were having oral sex, would my partner get them to? Ex. Around the mouth?

Possibly. Warts are usually transmitted by skin-to-skin contact, so it is possible to contract warts by touching any part of the body (including the mouth) to an area containing warts. That does not mean, however, that it will happen; your partner could be immune to that particular strain of wart virus, or contact might be too brief to transmit the virus.
Warts. Yes it is possible to transmit the wart virus from the genital area to the mouth during oral sex.
HPV vaccine. Surely, unless he has been vaccinated with Gardasil which prevents one from contracting the most common strains of the humanpapilloma virus. If you are 11 to 26 years old, i urge you and your partner to get vaccinated. The vaccine will prevent you from contracting hpv and will lessen your risk getting from cervical, anal, rectal and oral cancers.