How could persons with asperger's have good verbal skills, and yet poor social skills?

Our brain receives. And processes information through various parts of the brain, e.g., the speech center is in the left hemisphere and emotionality is in an area known as the libmic system. Verbal skills are highly developed in one part and recognition of nonverbal cues from face, tone of voice, etc. Are not as well developed, thus creating some social issues. Strengths and weakness vary for everyone.
The diagnosis AS has. been subsumed into Autistic Spectrum Disorder to emphasize that the same deficits in Theory of Mind, facial recognition & joint attention underlie the observable impairments in social reciprocity & social communication as in Autism. Language deficits do exist in pragmatics, or turn-taking, conversational skills & prosody, inflections & volume. Social skills group therapy helps 6-yr.-olds & older.