I have new dentures I was hurting so I went to put orajel in my mouth accidently put camphor phenol cold sore med in mouth will it hurt me?

No. It probably not have the desired pain-relieving effect, but it should not do you any harm. If you feel your denture is rubbing sore spots on your gums, or hitting too hard on certain teeth, see your dentist for an adjustment. This is very common with new dentures, as they can be challenging to get used to at first.
Probably be ok. If your maouth is sore from new dentures you must see your dentist for needed adjustments. You may need a number of adjustments over a week or two. The sooner the better. I often adjust 2 - 3 times the first week to custom fit. If you have ulcers, you may make them worse by ignoring adjustments and too frequent applications of pain medication. Treat the cause not the symptom.