I notice that whenever my daughter drinks caprisuns she has several accidents or has to urinate several times in an hour. The urine has a strong scent?

Makes acid urine. Citrus containing juices can acidify urine which in turn can irritate bladder lining causing urinary frequency and possible wetting in a young child. Also worth getting a urine test to rule out a urinary tract infection. Fruit juices, like sodas, provide all too many un-necessary calories and contribute to childhood obesity. You can't beat water as the healthiest beverage for children.
Consider diabetes. Any time a patient drinks fluids it will cause them to urinate more. However the fact that you mentioned capri's son which probably does have a lot of sugar in it suggests to me that it may be possible she has diabetes. Other causes of frequent urination are urinary tract infection and kidney disease. However it is unlikely that she has either of these conditions.