Can you tell me how I could get over and move past my sexual assault?

Talk. With a psychologist or other therapist with a specialty in treating sexual trauma. Also, connect with other survivors of a similar trauma (e.g. rape, incest, etc) so that you see you are not alone. Take care of this,

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I can't get over a sexual assault that happened almost forty years ago?

Get counselling. It is not uncommon to still have "issues" post sexual assault, even 40 years later. It can harm future "normal relationships" psychologically. Please seek out a therapist or inexpensive "counseling service".

Can you tell me if I could move on from sexual assault and find a boyfriend?

Possibly. If you will invest in the emotional work needed this is possible. You will need to contact a rape crisis center or other source of information to find a counsellor and/or support group. Over time you can rid yourself of the residual feelings and chart a course to the future. It will take time, but without the work, you will continue to suffer.

How does one get help for sexual assault?

Local ER. It is very important to have the courage and trust to go to your local emergency room as soon as possible to get the support and care necessary for your mental health as well as collecting evidence for your protection.

How does someone get help for sexual assault issues?

Many ways. A person can call a rape crisis line even if the assault happened a long time ago. The counselor can help you find a therapist to talk to. The national sexual assault hotline is 1-800-656-hope or go to www. Rainn. Org and click on the hotline online. It is free and confidential. It's important to find a good therapist who you feel safe and comfortable with. It may not be the first one you see.
Options for help. If you are a victim of a crime and there is a police report, then in many states you can qualify for assistance from "crime victims reparations". Contact your local department of mental health to see if such a program exists where you are. They can help pay for treatment if you qualify. Other interventions include individual and group psychotherapy. Emdr and tfcbt also are effective treaments.