Hemp protein powder replace whey protein to gain muscle, what to do?

Any pure protein.... ...powder is protein. It's what else that's added 2 it that needs watching. Read labels carefully & if U don't understand what's been added, ask Ur PCP or a dietitian. 2 much protein will challenge Ur kidneys, so more is not always better. U need 50gms/day generally. Add supplement as U exercise especially in weight training.U have bbetter dose control with powered rather than capsules or pills. .

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Can I use hemp protein powder to replace whey protein to gain muscle?

Yes sure. . yes sure why not? usually whey is better absorbed but if you are tolerating it better, sure you can. . Read more...

For muscle gain n body building which protein powder is helpful, whey protein or soya protein?

Whey protein. Is a little better for body building, but there is not that much difference. Make sure you are only using it as a supplement as well. You also need a solid balance of proteins from diet from sources such as meets, chicken, fish, etc. Read more...