What are the side effects of daily cortisone cream for a baby with severe face eczema?

Overuse of.... ..Cortisone creams can cause thinning of the skin, which sometimes results in permanent stretch marks. Fine blood vessels may swell and become prominent under the skin surface. In rare cases enough cortisone might be absorbed internally to cause growth suppression or adrenal gland suppression. That's why dermatologists use only the mildest steroid creams on babies, and monitor them closely.

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I was wondering what are the side effects of cortisone cream for a baby with severe facial excema?

Relatively safe. Cortisone creams can be used to treat the inflammation associated with facial eczema in a baby. Problems arise (scarring, atrophy, telangiectasia, etc) with prolonged use - greater than 3+ consecutive weeks at a time. Make sure there is a dermatologist involved in the management of the severe facial eczema that you report to make sure that the best treatment is being applied.