Ganglion cyst removal from wrist, scar causing problems, what to do?

Reduce scar. Very often when removing a ganglion the incision that is used to open the tendon sheath becomes scared. The best approach in early post op period is to use warm soaks after the sutures are out. If the scar persists then intr scar kenalog (triamcinolone) is used which is a form of steroid that is not quickl absorbed from the site of injection working better than cortisone.

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If I have ganglion cyst removal from wrist, scar causing problems?

Not ususally. When a ganglion is removed from the wrist, if the wrist is not moved for a long time then it becomes stiff and as you start to move it the small scar stretches a little and may give you some pain. However, usually this is a minor surgery and the scar is not an issue though may be slightly prominent at times. Read more...