What would cause a cardiac arrest after a sinus arrest?

Vagal stimuli. Sinus arrest, results in asystole. The atrioventricular node may rescue with an idioventricular rhythm in the 30's. If this doesn't rescue within 10 seconds, syncope usually happens. If it extends beyond 20 seconds this is cardiac arrest. If rescue pacing or CPR not started, brain death occurs within 5 minutes. Total asystole may be caused by acute severe hyperkalemia.

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I was wondering what would cause a cardiac arrest after a sinus arrest?

Multifactorial. Sinus arrest is a cardiac arrest initially affecting the atria. Usually, an idioventricular escape rythm follows but when it doesn't then total asysyole occurs resulting in sudden death. Acute hyperkalemia of enough severity could cause total asystole. Sinus arrest can be triggered by vagal stimulation. Read more...

What could cause a cardiac arrest after a sinus arrest?

Arrest. Sinus arrest is usually followed by a junctional escape or ventricular escape beat. If no escape mechanism took place and a sinus impulse didn't appear then cardiac arrest would be possible. Practically this is a rare event unless the heart is very sick. Read more...