Is having a baby too risky if I have high blood pressure that's still high on medications?

At a higher risk. Hypertension is a chronic disease and has significant health consequences thus recommended to have adequate treatement. High BP during pregnancy poses risks for both mom and baby--fetal growth retardation etc. And higher risks for "pre-eclampsia" etc. Would try as hard as u can and work with your doc to get BP under good/stable level before becoming pregnant. It is hard, but doable. Good luck.

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How come I have high blood pressure after having a baby?

Preeclampsia? Some women get preeclampsia after delivery, this involves high bp. Also, if you received a lot of IV fluids with delivery, your pressure could remain high for a few days or more. When this happens, I use diuretics to help get rid of fluid. Regardless, you have to pay attention to this, and you should work with your doctor to control your pressure. Baby needs you healthy.

What is high blood pressure in an infant?

Normal values. The normal blood pressure ranges for infants at 6-12 months of age are as follows: systolic (high number) 85-128 (average 102) mmhg diastolic (low number) 47-78 (average 63) mmhg high systolic blood pressure is above 128 and high diastolic blood pressure is above 78.
NIH table. Here's the table: http://www. Nhlbi. Nih. Gov/guidelines/hypertension/child_tbl. Pdf.