If baby teeth come in crooked, does that mean that the adult ones will be crooked also?

Highly likely. Baby teeth tend to be smaller than permanent teeth, so if baby teeth came in crooked due to a lack of space, it is a virtual guarantee that there won't be enough room for permanent teeth, and therefore permanents would come in crooked also. Some extraordinary factors may prove me wrong, but as a general rule that would be the case.
Crooked teeth. No. There is really no way to know for sure whether or not the adult teeth will come in crooked. We can see signs of crowding but there is no indication whether a tooth will be twisted or crooked. Get a consult for your little one with an orthodontist at age 7 to determine proper timing for braces.
Case by case basis. If the baby teeth are coming in crooked due to crowding, this is NOT an indication that the permanent teeth will come in crowded. The monitoring by an orthodontist is recommended.
Not necessarily. Tooth and jaw size, shape and position is genetically driven. If baby teeth crooked, there is increased potential for crooked permanent teeth, but it's not an absolute surety. Best advice, go to qualified orthodontist for initial exam when your child turns 7. That way the orthodontist can guide teeth into the best positions possible.
No. As baby teeth come in they may be croked at first but when the others around come in they help keep the teeth aligned. Despite that if the teeth are crooked as a baby they don't necessarily come in crooked as an adult.
Potentially. Lack of dental arch length with baby teeth is somewhat predictive of future permanent tooth crowding.