If a woman is pregnant with a baby who has a congential heart defect do they need to plan the birth to be at an i.C.U.?

Cardiac anomaly. For a baby with a cardiac defect, it is best to plan the birth at a tertiary care center with neonatologists and pediatric cardiologists available to care for the newborn.
Yes, for most. Fetal heart defect can be as simple as a "hole in the heart" (vsd) or a cyonotic defect. And may be associated with unrecognized other heart or extracardiac problems. Once a significant fetal problem is recognized, seek pregnancy care from a perinatologist (mfm). Delivery at a tertiary care unit with children's heart specialist, neonatologist, and nicu will offer the best care for the baby.
Depends. CHD's vary in their seriousness.They can be as simple as a small hole between the lower chambers that self heals with no significant impact on the kid.They can need medication almost from birth to stabilize them until they can have surgery. The first example can deliver at a small community hospital, the second needs to deliver where there are advanced facilities and specialists available.