I am pregnant with a baby boy. Should I have him circumcised or not?

Do your research. Then discuss with father-to-be & with your baby's fuiture pediatrician.There are definite pros and cons to be considered, but just after birth is best time, if at all, to have it done. Academy of pediatrics states circumcision is without medical indications. Is future father circ'd? He may want son to look like dad. Avoids phimosis problemsa, prevents rare penile cancer + reduces aids in africa.
Personal choice. Circ rates run 0-80% depending on cultural, religious& healthcare practices around the world. It can be done under a local and heal quickly if done at birth, requires a general and recovery period if done later. In the end, its more cultural than need.I view it similar to piercing ears but with a few potential health benefits.
My view is no. I see no valid use for circumcision. All he needs as he grows, is normal hygiene. Your doctor may have another opinion.