How do folate, (folic acid) vitamin B12 and iron help in pregnancy for mom and baby?

Several benefits. Folate (folic acid) cuts back on fetal spina bifida risk, possibly heart defect, and, in some genetically susceptible people, can improve homosistein levels and coagulation errors.
Healthy mom, baby. Developing fetus will get the nutrients it needs from mom. It gets calcium from mom's blood (via mom's diet, or her bones-doesn't care). Need B12 and folate (folic acid) for normal neurological development, to prevent some congenital abn; needs iron for cell growth and development. Mom needs supplement to prevent deficiencies (increased needs due to fetal development).

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My doc says im aneamic and has prescribed me dexorange syrup it has iron folic acid and vitamin B12 but im afraid will it giv me any side effects?

Anemia treatmemt. Other than possible constipation, caused by iron, the syrup (s) your physician (p) prescribed will give harmless. Ask your p what you folate, (folic acid) iron and B12 values are. If they are normal, you will gain nothing by the s. Anemia can come from blood loss, either by GI or menstrual losses. If you iron (i) level is low, and you eat meat, consider one of those as the cause of your anemia. Read more...

Is there a limit on how much liquid vitamin B12 with Folic acid you can take in a day?

Yes there is... Overdosing on folic acid can prevent the development of megaloblastic anemia, without correcting the underlying vitamin B-12 deficiency, Symptoms of vitamin B12 overdose include itchiness on different body parts, numbness, improper heart functioning, giddiness, regular headaches, increasing the risk of getting cancer (see: Read more...