How do doctors treat a baby with a staph infection?

It depends. Treatment will depend on the site of the infection, the seriousness if the infection, the type of staphylococcus involved, and the age of the baby. Treatment could range from a simple antibiotic cream, to hospitalization and intravenous antibiotics for a serious infection in a younger baby.

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Can staph infection be confused with hsv2 on a lab test? I have recently been contracting what the doctors say are "boils", in my pelvic area, buttocks, under my arms and even on my nose in some instances. They say it's a form of stapholycoccus and treat

The. The short answer here is you need to be tested for herpes. In addition, if you get a "boil" have a herpes culture done on the actual lesion. As far as your boyfriend is concerned, he may have tested positive for hsv 2, however it is possible that he never had a lesion before. He was likely exposed to it at some point in his life. Take care.

How do the doctors diagnose a staph infection?

Staph infection. They send material (swab from infection sites, blood culture) for the infection and send it to the laboratory for culture/indetifiaction.

What should I do about a staph infection without going to a doctor?

Staph infection. It depends on where the infection is, how severe it is and what are the characteristics of the organism. Basically it is a bad idea because the organism needs to be cultured. Internal systemic antibiotics many be needed. In the wilderness, collodial silver might help topically as well as otc antiseptics and antimicrobial ointments. However it is prudent to see a doctor for a staph infection.

I have a staph infection in my vaginal area I need to know everything about it cuase my doctor isnt clear. Cana I give it to my partner? Ect.

Staph infection. Staph is a common skin bacteria so these infections aren't particularly rare. There are antibiotics that should help clear this up. As far as transmission to a partner - generally not an issue unless your partner has an open area in his genital area. Also showering after sex should help reduce the chances of any spread.

My daughter has MRSA she has not had any symptoms in over a year but now her grandma's doctor says that my daughter gave her a regular staph infection?

Staph infection. That is a possibility, especially if your daughter has open sores or impetigo of the skin. Another source of contamination would be a runny nose with a mucoid discharge.
Confusing question. People can have a MRSA infection but they don't carry it forever like hiv. Treatment eliminates the germ. Staph is present everywhere in the environment and more than 70% of the abscess I see are community acquired mrsa, while 30% are not. Her grandma could easily get staph from her environment, and why her doc accused your child of bringing it to her is beyond me.
Not likely. Mrsa is everywhere, on everything. It is not possible to say where grandma got it from. Maybe she gave it to your daughter a year ago. It is one of the most frequent skin infections we see in the office. We don't even try to figure out who gave it to whom.