What is syringomyelia?

Cavity. A syrinx is a tube. Syringomyelia means a tubelike defect in the spinal cord, usually in the center, filled with fluid. Any segment of spinal cord can be affected. Discontinuous segments can be affected. Most common causes include developmental defects, trauma, chiari malformation, tumor, vascular malformations. Symptoms may range from none to severe sensory and balance issues.
Fluid Buldup. Syringomyelia is damage to the spinal cord due to buildup of fluid as a result of spinal cord trauma, spinal cord tumors, or birth defects.

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What is surgery for syringomyelia like?

Fix the cause. Usually the surgery is meant to address the cause of the syringomyelia which is an expression or the result of another abnormality. That could be a structural problem with the brain or spinal cord, a compression or a tumor. In general the idea is to then wait and see if the syrinx goes away, only in select cases surgery for the syrinx itself is recommended.

What are the tests for syringomyelia?

Syringomyelia. Symptoms include hand and leg weakness, sensation loss in the arms and hands and the diagnostic test of choice is an MRI of the cervical and thoracic spine.

What are the causes of syringomyelia?

Chiari I. Chiari I malformation most common less often, klippel-feil, postinfectious, postinflammatory, spinal neoplasms, posttraumatic.
Syringomyelia. Syringomyelia is damage to the spinal cord due to a fluid-filled hole that forms in the cord. Symptoms: there may be no symptoms, or symptoms may include: headache; loss of muscle mass (wasting, atrophy.

What happens to people with syringomyelia over time?

Hand and legs. May have pain. Numbness inter hands. A progressive enlargement may result in leg weakness and urinary difficulties.
Syringomyelia. Depends on the size of it. Many times, nothing much. However if it grows, it needs to be followed and evaluated.

Someone I know has been diagnosed with syringomyelia. What is it?

Hole in spinal cord. They can occur spontaneously, with trauma, tumors, or other conditions. Most cause no problems or symptoms and are found incidentally.

Syringomyelia-what is it and how to treat?

Canal. Syringomyelia is a hollow canal in the spinal cord. Sometimes it can be associated with other conditions such as chiari malformation or spinal cord trauma. Would follow up with a neurologist or neurosurgeon if causing symptoms.
Syringomyelia. This is an abnormal dilation of the usually very small column of spinal fluid that runs through the center of the spinal cord. It can also extend into the brainstem (syringobulbia). Most commonly, it is caused by trauma. However, tumors and developmental problems (chiari, tethered cord) need to be ruled out. Unless there is a structural cause, they usually do not require treatment.

Sharp stabbing pain left side. Seems constant with flare ups where gets worse. No appendix/gall. Do have bad back (hern, syringomyelia). What is it?

Back/ flank pain. As you have back problem it very well could be related to that. If it is knew and bad enough have yourself examined to rule out colon problem or even excessive gas can cause sharp pain.