Can genital warts prevent me from having a normal baby?

Exposure/ effect. Genital warts are a non issue while u are pregnant as baby will be protected from the germ by the bag of waters (fetal membranes). After the water breaks, you have some risk baby can acquire the wart germ and get genital warts or vocal cord warts. Some moms have chosen to have c-section delivery to avoid this possibility. Having these warts does not place your baby at risk of birth defects.
Warts. I have only seen one case where the warts were so big that it was blocking the vagina. Most of the time they do not cause a problem. Now with a vaccination, this may become a thing of the past.

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Does eating raw garlic prevent genital warts from appearing??

No. Garlic will not prevent genital warts. There is vaccine that protects from most genital warts and cervical cancer. Please take HPV vaccine. The only way raw garlic will prevent genital warts is by eating lost of it and having such bad breath that you will have no sexual partner!

What medication is used to treat genital warts to prevent outbreaks?

No medication. Unfortunately, there has been no approved medication to use in people infected with hpv to prevent outbreaks. So far, only actual lesions can be treated. There is hpv vaccination available, though, which is most useful in those who are not infected, however, it can be used in those who are infected, although, it doesn't guarantee 100% efficacy in either group.
No prevention. Unfortunately, there's no such medication. Just treatment of warts when they occur.

If one had genital warts and had electrocautery, how can he prevent the genital warts from recurring?

Cannot. Once you have hpv the virus is likely to stay around for long time periods (lifetime) whether or not there are warts present. If the hpv was one of the types which make you prone to developing uterine cancer you should receive the vaccine. Discuss this with the gynecologist. Good luck.

Is it possible to prevent getting genital warts by vaccination?

Depends. The present quad vaccine for hpv includes 2 strains of the germ that cause genital warts and 2 that cause cervical cancer. The other hvp vaccine contains only the 2 cancer causing strains. If you receive the vaccine prior to any infections by those strains it will provide protection from genital warts. It will not help if given after exposure.
Yes it is. HPV Vaccine give you protection against Genital Warts as they are caused by HPV Virus.

If already infected with genital warts, will Gardasil 9 help prevent an infection of the anal region?

Multiple viruses. There are more than 100 different kinds of HPV -or human papilloma viruses, so any protection you can get from a vaccine is highly recommended. If there is any good news, having some warts already should protect you to some degree after your body 'recognizes' they are there. (That usually takes about 2 years). There is an antiviral cream -Aldara (imiquimod)-that may help. Also freezing, laser, etc.

My friends was treated for genital warts and wants to know if she should get the vaccine to help prevent future breakouts, and possible cancer?

Yes. Women under the age of 26, regardless of past contacts, have been shown to benefit from the hpv vaccine.
Can provide help. The vaccine does not undo the earlier infection & is unlikely to change the chances of a recurrence of the earlier warts. It can provide protection against another wart strain & the 2 that are most associated with cancer.