Opk positive 6 days ago/now I have egg white cervical mucus-can it mean I didn't ovulate or early pregnancy symptom?

Pregnancy test. Hi! fertility signs are so difficult to interpret sometimes! my recommendation is to continue having intercourse daily-to every other day and you could check a pregnancy test as early as 10 days post positive opk. It can save money to wait for your period first though. Good luck! dr brown.

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6dpo ttc#1 no signs of af. Stretchy egg white cm. Positive OPK and used conceive plus. Could this CM be early pregnancy symptom?

Not really. The cervical mucous that you are describing is just an indication that you ovulated. It is really not a sign of pregnancy. Unfortunately, you are going to have to wait to find out if you are pregnant and a test will turn positive about two weeks after conception. Read more...

My BBT is low but my cervical mucus is egg white, it is means I'm ovulate?

Ovulation. Ovulation occurs consistently about 14 days before your next cycle. If you know how many days there are from the first day of the bleeding to the next during your normal cycle just subtract 14 days. This allows you to predict when you should be ovulating. Cervical mucous and body temperatures are not reliable indicators. They are highly subjective and for most will not be helpful. Read more...