Can a child on ritalin (methylphenidate) drink an energy drink for extra help?

Yes, but why? If your child is already on a prescription medication where the dosage and actual medicine are well defined, why add a hodgepodge of substances that something like an "energy drink" is apt to contain? If the effect isn't quite right, speak with the prescribing doctor about what needs to change and see if you can adjust the medicine to make it work better.
Ritalin+energy drink. All energy drinks are laden with coffee, and no kids should ever be exposed to coffee (so, no brown soda as pepsi-coke-rootbeer- or even mountain dew which has the highest concentration of coffee while not appearing brown). Kids must learn healthy lifestyle when young: soda has 10 tea spoons of sugar per can + coffee = super active kids.

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If you take ritalin (methylphenidate) and energy drinks what can happen, side effects?

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