Are there any cases of children getting haemophilus meningitis anymore?

Yes. Hib meningitis is a vaccine-preventable disease. Children who are not fully immunized for hib are still at risk and do continue to catch this life-threatening illness. Make sure your child has had a full series of hib vaccine.
Uncommon now. I used to see 2 cases/yr in my own patients before the enhanced vaccine was available in the early 90's but haven't had one in my patients since 1993. I did see one on consultation 9 years ago and expect we will see some new cases with the anti-vaccine twerps out there.It remains a big problem in undeveloped countries.

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Can the petichiae of haemophilus meningitis vs henoch-schonlein-purpura be distinguished clinically?

Yes and no. No clinician would take chances. The history and symptoms would tilt the balance either way. Most patients end up having a lumbar puncture if there is any clinical suspicion for meningitis. Remember that rashes may be in different stages and that will make impossible to differentiate. Read more...