Is air travel safe with heart disease like long qt?

Talk to your doctor. Like many other conditions, long qt (lqt) has many forms of expressing itself. Your doctor knows you best and can make specific recommendations. Keep in mind stress can aggrivate fainting with lqt, and travel in general can be stressful. Most airplanes only have oxygen on board in case of an emergency. Additionally, be sure to review your medications with your doctor as many affect lqt.

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Safe amount of alcahol a night with coronory heart disease or is alcahol not safe at all like to drink with heart disease...

Safe. 1 alcoholic beverage a night is recommended for patients with coronary disease, as alcohol improves your body's metabolism of cholesterol and will raise your 'good cholesterol' (hdl). This beverage can be 1 shot of liqueur either alone or mixed in a cocktail form, 1 12oz beer, or 1 glass of wine (5oz). Red wine probably has additional benefit due to antioxidant effects from flavanols within it.

How long it take to develop heart disease qhat is my risk at 22? My diets not the best

Depends. Regular development-age 60 to find positive stress test result. Post mortum exam shows plaque as young as 20 with bad diet. Please start now by knowing your b.P. And cholesterol and blood sugar. Stay below 25% bmi.

How can air pollution cause heart disease?

Not directly. If it did, everyone is china would be dead now.
Air pollution. It is difficult to explain it here. Refer to the following article: http://circ. Ahajournals. Org/content/109/21/2655.Long.

Is diclofenac pottasium safe in heart disease?

Sl increased risk. Diclofenac is a NSAID which primarily are used as antiinflammatories and analgesic agents in patients with acute or chronic inflammation. As a class, these meds carry a small absolute cardiac risk increase primarily triggered by a 1-2% incidence of fluid retention or BP elevation (which can destabilize a cardiac patient. For most this is not too high a risk and is offset by the benefits.

Is echinatia & golden seal safe for patients with heart disease?

Yes and no. Echinacea is safe. Overdoses of golden seal can cause bradycaria (abnormally slow heart rate), hypotension (low blood pressure) and death.

People over 70 y.who have problem with heart disease, diabetes pills is safe to use?

Yes supervised. Depends on medicine. Metformin is usually the first drug. Work with your doctor and medical team. You will have to do blood and urine tests every 3 months to monitor the effect of the medication. Remember lifestyle modifications like diet and exercise are important. Go to the American Diabetes Association ADA to learn more about diabetes.

Dr. Says I need heart cath on both sides of my heart. I'm scared is it safe? My family has a history of heart disease. Will I be ok?

Safe if needed. The risks of a heart catheterization are small (<1:1000 serious complications). Any invasive procedure carries risk, but these procedures ave small risk. You should not be frightened, but be sure that it is indicated. Fh alone does not suffice, but it is a risk factor. Risk factors, coupled with symptoms (chest symptoms or breathlessness) coupled with abnormal functional studies might suffice.