Diagnosed with hepatitis C virus then a week later diagnosed with cirrhosis, what should I do now? Party or get liver transplation?

Need further testing. Need for liver transplant depends on meld score (degree of jaundice-total bilirubin, and blood clotting-inr, kidney function-creatinine). This predicts 90 day risk of death. Score is from 6-40. If meld < 10-no need to evaluate, < 15- not eligible to be listed, 15-40-listable for transplant. Higher meld = sicker patient. Early liver cancer also transplantable. Liver cancer screening is a must!
Live to party more. Cirrhosis is chronic failure of your liver, and you need your liver to survive. You should live to party, but not at the price of whatever liver you have left. Get plugged in with doctors, liver specialists and maybe a transplant center. Get taken care of, so you can hopefully party for many more years, in a responsible healthy way. ;-).