Does gas x or beano work better for flatulence?

Depends. Gas x is simethicone, an agent that does not reduce or prevent gas formation in the gut, but can help the gas come together and pass easier. Beano contains enzymes that help reduce gas production by allowing digestion of material germs would otherwise use to make gas. How this would effect you individually depends a lot on your diet.For you, either might work.

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How do products like gas x / beano work?

Reduce gas. Both products contain simethacone. This is a kind of detergent that breaks up gas bubbles into smaller bubbles. This causes less distension of the intestine, thus less cramps and easier passage and elimination of gas. Read more...

Can beano and gas x help with my stomach making flatulence sounds?

Offers some help. Digestive enzymes like beano offer a person some help in decreasing gas from the bacterial fermentation of foodstuffs that he is not fully digesting, but he can also be helped by selecting foods that don't cause him gas. There are other good sources of protein (other than beans) that don't cause a gas problem. Read more...