I feel so depressed when people tell me I can't get a job if I have a learning disorder?

It's not true. Charles schwab, founder of the investment firm, has quite severe learning disabilities, as do many other people who are quite successful in a wide range of fields. Depending on the type of ld, some lines of work may be easier than others, but it need not be a barrier--and should not become an excuse.
Find a psychologist. And speak with them about the problems you are having finding a job. People with learning disorders and and do find jobs. You may need some help but you can overcome this.
Agree w Dr Elliott. The concept of not being able to get a job due to a learning disorder is a bunch of baloney. Having a learning disorder is a challenge but that doesn't mean it will prevent really meaningful employment or that you can't be an excellent employee. A person can convince themself that they are an emotional cripple even if they are healthy.