What are the causes of jaundice?

Breakdown of cells. Jaundice is caused by collection of bilirubin in the skin and conjunctivae. Bilirubin is the breakdown product of red blood cells. An excess of bilirubin may be caused by excessive breakdown of rbc, inability of the liver to either pick up, metabolize or appropriately excrete the bilirubin. There may also be obstruction to the flow of bile from the liver.

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What are the causes of jaundice and what does it look like?

Legion. Causes of jaundice are manifold. Infection like hepattiis. Obstruction of the bile ducts by stones, or tumor.
Liver dysfunction. One function of your liver is to metabolize bilirubin (through a conjugation reaction) into water soluble product that can be excreted by your kidneys. What causes liver dysfunction? Alcohol, many medications (including tylenol (acetaminophen) and statins), sugars, especially fructose and high fructose corn syrup. The build up of bilirubin causes you to look yellow esp in the white of eyes, skin, under tongue.

What is the causes of jaundice postoperatively?

See doctor soon. Jaundice may be due to intrinsic liver disease (such as hepatitis or drug reaction), transfusion reaction, or obstruction of bile flow. It's never normal, often serious. See your doctor ASAP.
It depends. On the type of surgery. It the surgery resulted in massive bruising the reabsorption of the bruise could lead to jaundice, certain medications may cause jaundice. The best thing is to visit your physician and he can help determine the cause with testing or a review of your records.
Some causes. Causes include blockage in the biliary tract, congestion and/or inflammation of the liver, hemolytic anemia, congenital condition like Gilbert's syndrome.

What is the cause of jaundice in infants?

Work overload. Mother cleanses babies blood, removing metabolic waste until the cord is clamped. Newborns must convert blood that worked better in the womb to air breather blood & this conversion creates byproducts that can result in jaundice. Most are visibly jaundiced by day 4 clearing by a week or so. Some have additional issues with blood type or bruises that add to jaundice. Too much jaundice can injure baby.

What are causes of jaundice in neonatals?

Jandice. Jaundice is common and occurs in about 60 percent of newborns, more so in premies. The most common cause is physiologic, meaning due to normal changes. Then infections, blood incompatible with mothers, rare blood disorders like enzyme deficiencies or liver disorders. Most important is to know the kind of jandice - direct or indirect is elevated. There are other reasons for rare indirect.
Transition. Before the cord is clamped, the babies blood is cleansed by the mother and all factors that would trigger jaundice are handled by her mature system. At birth, this work must be done by babies liver, that had been resting. Levels rise until the liver begins to catch up with the work. There are many additional causes to jaundice, but the most common is a transition of work from mom to baby.

What's the cause of being jaundice in new born baby?

Many Causes. In newborns there many factors that cause jaundice 1 breakdown of fetal hemoglobin as it is replaced by adult hemoglobin and there is relative immaturity of liver to conjugate the bilirubin to eliminate bilirubin as in adults, so it causes accumulation of bilirubin and jaundice (liver immaturity) 2blood group incompactibilities like ABO and rh 3biliary atresia 4alpha 1 antitrypsine def 5other liver.
See below. Newborn infant's liver is not mature enough to excrete bilirubin load to stool. This allows overflowing of yellow pigment (bilirubin) in blood and deposition of it in subcutaneous tissue.
Neonatal jaundice. Increased bilirubin in the blood. Follow your doctors advice. The condition is usually temporary. Frequent breastfeeding sessions may help. Phototherapy may be used. Good luck.