What is patterning, and how does it relate to cerebral palsy?

No relation found. Patterning was a popular therapy method about 40 years ago. The insitute of human potential used this method to "cure" cp. It was never found of definite value when examined critically. Appropriate therapy methods are very important, but intense patterning is not worth the enormous time and cost.
An archaic Rx. In the 70's & 80"s a pt & ot in philli promoted a patterning method for cp. The method involved rebreathing co2 & moving body thru motions of fish/salimander/man to awaken the nerves. Psychological researchers showed the method was no better that simple visitation & encouragemt. For the pt&ot they were getting $30k in initial fees + followup.Well meaning but worthless rx follow many chronic pbs.