What are home remedies for hypertension?

Low salt diet. A low salt diet and less food on the plate can help. By controlling the size of your portions, you can start to lose weight which may help to lower your blood pressure.
Home remedies 4 HTN? 48F asks what are home remedies for HTN? The best proven home remedy is to move to the DASH eating plan by Thomas Moore. If followed exactly 4 2 wks ur BP will go down a lot & may normalize. So get the book read chap 9 & follow 4 2 wks. If you truly followed it & BP not at goal then your BP is not likely to respond to any other home remedies. What could be simpler and faster. Keep us posted.

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What are recommended home remedies for hypertension?

Diet, exercise +more. All patients with high blood pressure are recommended to change their lifestyle. This includes reducing the amount of salt and saturated fat in the diet, losing weight, avoiding alcohol, exercising regularly, and managing stress. If patients follow these recommendations and their blood pressure is well controlled, they may not need any blood pressure medication. Also see your doctor regularly.