I have hirschsprung's disease. What is treatment?

Surgery. Usually presents in infancy. Biopsy is done to confirm diagnosis. Then a single stage procedure can be done if patient is stable. In some instances a staged procedure is done , where one gets a colostomy followed several months later by a pull through . The pull through excises the defective colon.
Hi fiber, surgery. Hirschsprungs disease is a congenital ('born-with-it') disease that causes severe constipation in early childhood. It is due to the total lack of nerves to part of the colon (lg. Intestine). No contractions of the bowel occur where there is an absence of nerve tissue so stool 'backs up' and is difficult to pass (=constipation). Treatment is surgery for large segment hirschprungs or hi fiber, etc.
Surgery. Children with surgery to remove diseased part of large intestine.Surgery within first days or month of life after dx. Treatment may involve one or two surgeries.Surgical options include leveling colostomy, which is colostomy at the level of normal bowel;staged procedure with placement of leveled colostomy followed by pull-through procedure or a single-stage pull-through procedure without ostomy.