Where can I find an ob-gyn for high risk pregnancies?

High risk specialist. Try the web page of the hospital you would like to deliver in. They usually list maternal fetal medicine specialists on staff.

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I'm trying to hard to find an excellent high risk OB/GYN but my search isn't going as I planned. How do I know who is best! I have medicaid?

Go to university cen. If you have had a history of complicated pregnancies ,your best bet is to find a University center clinic where you have anumber of specialists who can work together to treat you. Read more...

I'm going to a high risk OB GYN Monday but I'm going to see a nurse, not the Dr... Why?? I need to he seen by a Dr

You will. at some point. Likely they will have a nurse practitioner see you first. NP's are extensively trained, and usually extremely competent. In either event, the doctor will be readily available, and they can easily get him or her if there is some sort of problem. Hope this helps! Read more...