My heart rate is always kinda high. Around 116. Something to be concerned about?

Please see a doctor. High heart rate more than 100 is associated with some underlying medical condition. You can start with checking thyroid panel. I would recommend you to see a doctor.

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Concerned about heart rate, latelywhen im laying down it stays in the 50s, high 40s, it goes down as soon as I lay down. Have had heart checked recently?

Sounds normal . Given that you're only 22 it's especially normal but many people have low heart rates when relaxed. It may speak to being in good condition axtually. Don't worry about the number - if you're feeling well you don't need to think any more about it. . Read more...

For the past two days my heart rate has hit high rates of 176 and 184. Could this be due to anxiety? Doctor didn't seem concerned.

Not good. A heart rate that night could be secondary to anxiety but you must rule out other problems, most seriously a conduction disorder of the heart. I suggest you consult a cardiologist. Read more...