Blood work, EKG and chest X-ray good. Still have a burning, painful pressure left breast area that moves to the right breast area. Lasting 10-20 mins?

Unlikely cardiac. Given your age and the type of symptoms you're having this is unlikely to be cardiac in origin. However if you have other risk factors and a family history further workup may be needed to ensure that your heart is okay such as a treadmill stress test. Otherwise similar pains can be related to acid reflux, costochondritis which is inflammation of the chest bone, or just local skin irritation.

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I have left breast pain and sternum pain, my breast feels lumpy, been having breast pains since november normal ECG bp, blood chest x ray. What is it?

Breast exam. Have you had a careful breast exam by your md? Other causes of sternal and chest discomfort include inflammation of the joint at the connection of the rib with the sternum (this would be tender to touch), rib cage strain, pinched intercostal nerve (runs between ribs). Any history of injury? Have another exam by your md if the discomfort persists.

Chest pain on left breast & underneath. It feels sharp @times. Went to ER, X-ray & blood work is fine. Burning sensation @times. Is it gas or muscular?

SeveralPossibilities. ER rarely best place for good help. Why? 1st Med Sys not=health: http://goo. Gl/Blh6rW. ERs have Hi law suit rates, focus=fast/defensive medicine; not problem solving/helping you better understand&troubleshoot as primary decision maker. Medicine=LowTech. Most problems=NOT revealed by exams, usual blood & Imaging tests. Why? Humans=far more complex than any of these can ever show. Go for better!
Follow up. You need to see your doctor. You do not have a diagnosis yet you still have the symptoms. Go see your doctor for a diagnosis. Then you can have a treatment plan.

115/59 BP 66 pulse normal echo chest x ray blood work and ecg, still feel lack of air?

Respiratory function. You've listed a lot of tests that were normal and that is good, but if your primary symptom is "lack of air", it may be worthwhile to perform some simple pulmonary function tests which evaluate your ability to fill your lungs and exhale. Has your doctor evaluated you for asthma or allergies as well?

Chestpain. Chest x ray, blood work, 3 ECG and I stayed overnight in the hospital and was told all is normal, but still have pain. Is this normal protocol?

Typical workup. Yes, it does sound like they did a very typical and expected workup for your complaint of chest pain. While I am glad your tests came back normal, I know still feeling the pain must be frustrating. Have your doctor consider costochondritis, which is inflammation of the cartilage between your ribs. Also consider effects of anxiety if that is something you experience which commonly cause chest pain.