Does acupuncture work for primary dysmenorrhoea?

Maybe. Acupuncture is one method of affecting the nervous system- and thus the endocrine system. Everybody responds differently to acupuncture- some may have better responses for certain conditions. In the hands of an experienced practitioner, there is little risk in trying it.
Yes. I have treated women with dysmennorhea easily with auricualr (ear) acupuncture on a monthly basis and the treatment usually lasts during their period (with semi-permanent needles). Major energy moving treatments (merideans) can be even more effective.

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How do ocps work in treating primary dysmenorrhoea?

Regulate. Ocps regulate your cycles preventing sudden drastic changes in the hormonal levels in your body. When you take a pill it has a certain amount of hormone that doesn't change day to day and that helps your body get adjusted and be more regular. Read more...