Is memory loss related to statins?

Contraversial. But I think that memory and cognitive issues do occur, especially in older patients. A recent paper suggests that my opinion is wrong, but the study was done by drug industry, so, consider the source.
Unlikely . There are no studies to prove that. Theoretically statins stabilize and reduce plaque formations in blood vessels in blood vessels. If theory is true then we may deduct that statins should improve circulation to brain, hence improve memmory.
Statins prevent loss. Memory loss was believed to be a rare and reversible side-effect of statins. However a recent comprehensive review of numerous published studies on statins and memory loss found that there was no evidence that short-term use of statins adversely affects memory and cognition. In fact, the evidence suggests that long-term statin use can actually help prevent cognitive decline (dementia).
Controversial. Hard to say. Mostly anecdotal reports of memory loss while on statins led to a warning but keep in mind a lot of patients taking statins were at risk for memory loss (cardiovascular disease) to begin with.
Most likely not. Memory loss has many causes and contributory factors including genetics, aging, decreased blood flow to brain due to hypertension, diabetes, high lipids, effects of medical condtions e.g. Stroke, parkinson's, effects of meds/drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc. See ur dr for a regular medical check up. God bless u! (what was ur question again? Joke!) http://www.M.Webmd.Com/a-to-z-guides/memory-loss.