How can you fix a ruptured uterus?

Surgery. This is a medical emergency and can only be repaired in surgery. There are situations where it cannot be repaired and a hysterectomy is a life saving procedure.

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How to fix a ruptured uterus?

What did your doc sa. Say! Deoends on hwere the tear is and how much bleeding you are having, sometimes iteh rupture can be sewn back together, sometimes you need to remove the uterus cause the rupture cannot be fixed every single case is differenet.

What are the major symptoms of ruptured uterus?

Ruptured Uterus. I think the biggest sign is fetal distress. If you don't have an epidural then you may feel pain. Sometimes there are not symptoms till it happens. I had a patient that had this catastrophic event and the babies heart rate dropped and never went back to normal. When the baby was delivered it was severely depressed and developed cp. Hope this helps give some personal info.

What is the definition or description of: ruptured uterus?

Uterine muscle opens. A "ruptured uterus" usually refers to the separation of a previous uterine incision while attempting a vbac (vaginal birth after cesarean). It may also very rarely occur in a normal uterus while inducing labor. It is life-threatening for the mom and the baby. It can result in severe hemorrhaging, infection, need for a hysterectomy and rarely maternal death, lack of oxygen for the baby may occur.
Self explanatory. The uterus can rupture when the muscular wall is weakened. This typically happens in late pregnancy or during labor in people who have predisposing conditions like prior uterine surgery, myomectomy, or prior c-section. It can happen very rarely in people who have never had a prior uterine operation. It is a true obstetrical emergency with substantial risk to the mother and baby.

What is the treatment for ruptured uterus?

Ruptured Uterus. You will either have a hysterectomy or a repair of the uterus. There is a chance of you needing blood transfusions and worse, even dying. Hope this helps.

Can a ruptured uterus be ment and the patient have a baby?

See below. This is a topic of discussion for you OB physician. The uterus will always be weak around the scar tissue where it ruptured. This increases your risk of a recurrence during another pregnancy. Talk to your OB doctor to review your case.

Can implantaion occur sooner when a tube is shortend I have had 8 cesarean deliveries and my sixth resulted from a ruptured uterus and burst bothtubes?

Doubtful...but. Time to implantation won't necessarily be shorter in the scenario you describe; however, I would be worried about an ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the uterus) if you suffered damage to your fallopian tubes during the uterine rupture. If you get pregnant again, you should see your Ob right away to make sure the pregnancy isn't in a tube instead of the uterus. Best wishes!

If I have a ruptured uterus, can I still have a healthy pregnancy?

Yes. Pregnancy after uterine rupture requires careful evaluation and management. The cause of hte rupture and the extent of the uterine defect, for instance, are two crucial factors in evaluating obstetric risk. The best clinician to answer this question is your gynecologist, who will be able to give you the information you need after a thorough review of the records pertaining to the uterine rupture.
YOU NEED TO DISCUSS. That with the doctor who took care of the rupture because it depends how big the rupture was, where it was and how the repair went, because u will be very high risk and u will need close following and most likely planned c-section, u cannot labor, at 36-37 weeks.