What is rickets disease?

A bone growth prob. Rickets refers to deficient mineralization of the growth plates of bone. It can be predominantly related to either deficiency of calcium or phosphorus. It is commonly treated with adequate nutrition and vitamin d therapy.

Related Questions

What is the disease rickets? Is it still common?

Very uncommon. Hi. Rickets is pediatric disease that is now very uncommon in the US. The most common cause 100 years ago was vitamin D deficiency (milk wasn't fortified, and many people then, as now, weren't in the sun enough to manufacture their own). Now vitamin D deficiency to the point of rickets is VERY uncommon. There are genetic causes such as Vitamin D receptor mutation/deletion and others. Rare! Read more...

What are the symptoms of rickets disease in children?

Multiple symptoms. May include the following: leg, spine and/or hip pain, poor growth, bowed legs, protruding breast bone, muscle pain, delayed walking or refusal to walk, thickened wrists/ankles, bumps along the ribs. Read more...