Can head injury cause floaters?

Not by definition. The common term "floater" refers to defects in the gelatinous substance contained in the eye ; occurs due to aging . Floaters have not been described as secondary to head injury. This is not to say that something could not be forcefully detached or traumatized inside the eye after a head injury giving a visual perception of a problem but it wouldn't be called a "floater.".

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Does a head injury cause floaters? I've had them since I was young and also had a head injury at the age of 8 (fell down flight of cement stairs).

Annoying. Floaters represent a consolidation of the normal "Jell-O like" material within the eye, called vitreous. When light passes into your eye, through the vitreous gel, the consolidations block the light and cast shadows on the retina. This is the essence of a floater. Very annoying. However, if found upon examination not to affect of the retina, then just annoying. Read more...

18m, do floaters caused by a head injury disappear by time? If yes, how much? If not then is there any way to cure it completely or atleast improve it?

Traumatic floaters. Floaters following head injury may be serious or not significant. You should have a dilated retinal exam by retina specialist to rule out peripheral retinal breaks which could result in retinal detachment. Watch out for retinal detachment signs of 1. Lightning flashes, 2. Shower black spots going in many directions and 3. Field defect or curtain fold in visual field. Good luck! Read more...