21 male, resting hr 45, recovery hr 60, excellent hr variabillity. Chest pressure, dizzyness and tiredness occur, also when hr is above 50 in rest?

More info. Young, healthy people often have resting heart rates in the 40-60 beat per minute range, and rates in the 60-90 range are also common and of no concern. Your symptoms of "chest pressure, dizziness, and tiredness" are not likely related to your resting heart rate. See your doctor to discuss symptoms, and be ready to tell him/her many details about your symptoms (when, how long, causes, etc).
Healthy young male . Doubt symptoms are related to slow hr. It would be reasonable to do a treadmill stress test looking for hr response to exercise and a 24 hour heart monitor. Would check TSH to make sure thyroid function is normal.