Progesterone and estrogen used for premature ovarian failure?

Yes. For woman with premature ovarian failure (pof), we recommend hormone replacement therapy, which includes both estrogen and progesterone. The addition of Progesterone is to regulate menstrual period and prevent uterine cancer. For woman desires for pregnancy, we may be able to reduce her fsh level and induce ovulation in some patients.
Yes. Premature ovarian failure, without hormone replacement, is associated with a risk of early bone loss and heart disease. Estrogen and Progesterone replacement is generally recommended to decrease these risks.

Related Questions

Am I totally in menopause or premature ovarian failure? My doctor did a blood test and my results were: fsh=106.6 and estrogen: 20. I am 39 years old.

Prematue menopause. An fsh that high performed on cycle day 2 or 3 suggests ovarian failure. Since the average age of menopause is around 42, I would suggest repeating the test again at the correct cycle day. If a high value is repeated it confirms the conclusion.
Sounds like POI. It sounds like primary ovarian insufficiency or poi if your fsh level is that high at 39. This is not the same as natural menopause in your early 50's. Agree with dr s. That you need another fsh, lh and Estradiol test for confirmation - ideally on day 2 or 3 of your cycle if you're still having periods. You should be seeing a reproductive endocrinology and infertility specialist even if not ttc.

How young can premature ovarian failure occur?

Any age. It can happen at any age after puberty. It is not common though. And sometimes premature ovarian failure is temporary and the normal function may return.
Any Age. Some women never enter puberty. Some women enter menopause as a teenager and for some women it happens later on. So it can occur at any age. That's why it is important to be evaluated for irregular or absent periods, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, etc even at a young age.

How common is it to have premature ovarian failure?

1% 1 out of 100 women have premature ovarian failure, or shutting down of the ovaries before age 40. Many other women have a very early menopause in their early 40's, which really is not normal, even though that is technically not premature ovarian failure. Some women (5%) can later recover some function of their ovaries.

Can premature ovarian failure disallow you to have kids?

Yes. True ovarian failure means the ovaries no longer produce follicle or eggs and that means without donor eggs, pregnancy won't happen. I have seen ovaries start egg production again, especially when chemo or other drugs made them stop prematurely.

Are hormones be produced after premature ovarian failure?

Yes. Even when ovarian failure has taken place, the ovaries may still produce small amounts of hormones. We see this in premature ovarian failure as well as natural menopause.

What are the differences between infertility and premature ovarian failure?

Very different. Premature ovarian failure (pof) is when the ovaries shut down before age 40. That usually leads to infertility. Some women with infertility find out during a consultation with a reproductive endocrinologist that they have pof. But the vast majority of women with infertility do not have pof. There are many contributing factors to infertility.
They're different. Infertility is the inability to achieve a pregnancy within a year or so of having unprotected intercourse. There are many different causes of infertility. Premature ovarian failure (pof) is the temporary or permanent cessation of ovarian function before age 40. Pof can be one of the many causes of infertility.

Slim chance for premature ovarian failure treatment?

Yes. In general, the odds of conceiving with one's own eggs after a diagnosis of pof are very low. Since it can be associated with other glandular disorders and an increased risk for particular health problems, be sure to see a board certified reproductive endocrinologist on a regular basis.
It depends. Treatment to have a baby with one's own eggs would give a very slim chance of success. Using an egg donor would give a phenomenal chance of success!

Does extreme stress play a role in causing premature ovarian failure?

No. Unfortunately premature ovarian failure is genetically controlled. It's helpful to know when your mother went through menopause since one may pattern after their mother in terms of timing. There are occasionally maybe a grace period where normal ovarian function will return sporadically. There have been cases that have been found in the literature where spontaneous conception has occurred after estrogen and Progesterone replacement. Truly the treatment of choice though is looking at donor egg in vitro fertilization.

What can cause elevated FSH and LH levels and premature ovarian failure?

Ovarian failure. Ovarian failure causes elevated fsh and lh, ovarian falure is mostly due to genetic or immune causes - although we do not know or understand all the possible reasons.