What is pneumomediastinum?

Air between lungs. The mediastinum is in the center of the chest between the two lungs containing the heart, esophagus, trachea and great blood vessels. Air in the mediastinum (pneumomedistinum) can occur from a perforated esophagus, trauma, severe asthma with alveolar rupture, after surgery, or in barotrauma in scuba diving . The underlying cause may need to be treated emergently.

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What are the tests for pneumomediastinum?

Chest xray or ct. Pneumomediastinum is air in the central chest near the heart and great vessels . It can spread into the neck soft tissues.It can come from the lung, airways, esophagus or trauma. It can be seen often on a chest x-ray alone. Ct is very sensitive for even small amounts of this displaced air and can also evaluate the cause. Read more...