W/a large lump on my vagina vault wall x5yrs w/new lumps on my cervix w/in weeks. Can cancer grow that fast & w/no insurance will the ER be able to address these lumps w/r&l pelvic pain/pull/burning?

Needs evaluation... Please see a doctor and have these lesions evaluated. An er physician may be able to evaluate and see how urgent this problem is and test for pelvic infections that need prompt treatment. Most will refer to an gyn physician to start the work up to rule out cancer. Check and see if there is a medical center with a gyn residency program in area. Teaching clinics are good option for uninsured.
Hpv. It is important to see a gynecologist and get a pap smear / hpv and colposcopy that is a biopsy of cervix. Hopefully not cancer but cyst.