How many calcium supplements to take for osteopenia?

Depends. Daily recommended intake for women 19-49 is 1000mg per day, over 50 is 1200mg per day. It is also important to make sure you are eating a healthy, balanced, diet.

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I take a vitamin d2 125 mg 50, 000 iu once a month along with calcium supplements 1, 000 mg a day, is this enough to treat osteopenia?

Depends. It depends on if the vit d that you took corrected you vit d level to normal - it also depends on if you are taking the calcium properly (with food, and divided throughout the day). You want to have your vit d level rechecked to make sure you're fully in the normal range and take more if needed. Finally weight-bearing exercise (like walking) is vital to helping prevent/treat osteoporosis.
Not likely. First, this will only help if you were deficient in vitamin d and/or calcium. You will need a balanced diet to put the calcium in your bone. Exercise is also essential for osteopenia and osteoporosis; for the spine read the book 'strong women, strong bones'. Last, vit d2 isn't as good as d3 see http://summaries. Cochrane. Org/cd007470/vitamin-d-supplementation-for-prevention-of-mortality-in-adults.

Is it true that calcium supplements cause heart attacks? And if so what do you recommend I do considering I have osteopenia? Regarding calcium.

Myth. Calcium supplements do not cause heart attacks, other wise we would all be dying from all the dairy products we as consumers eat in a day. Excessive calcium can cause changes in your cell function, tissue function etc. But this is usually associated with a disease process, trauma, fluid issues or a metabolic problem.
Calcium. A lot of research on heart attacks is unsubstantiated. Dietary recommendations and heart disease studies are poor, at best. Researchers see a correlation between two things and extrapolate it to causation. It is unlikely increased calcium causes coronary events. I recommend you get your vitamin d levels checked, as that is more recently the deficiency that we have seen correlating to osteoporosis.
Possibly. Read my blog for a good overview. Http://mdprevent. Blogspot. Com/2013/02/calcium-and-heart-disease-whats-story. Html.

I have osteopenia taking calcium citrate vit d I have read that calcium supplements can cause hardening of arteries is it true?

Calcium alone can. Go to the arteries and stiffen them. When co-factors such as Vitamin D, K, etc. Are added it is guided to the bones where it belongs. Because of this, a lesser amount of calcium is needed in the supplement product. Peace and good health.
Just not so. The claim that calcium supplements promote atherosclerosis was just made up. Atherosclerosis lesions may calcify; that is where any connection ends. You deserve better than to be troubled with internet scare stuff. If you are actually osteopenic at your age, the situation is very serious and I would urge you to continue educating yourself with reliable information. Your doctor is your guide.

Help please! When should I take my calcium supplements?

Spread out. Hi. Calcium supplements are fractionally a little better absorbed if they're broken up into several times per day than all at once. The trade off is that people often don't remember to take things multiple times/day, and if you forget, you're better taking a bunch all at once than not taking it at all. And don't forget to get enough vitamin D (preferably D3, a few thousand units/day).

Could it be bad for me to take 2 calcium supplements at once?

Calcium. Excess calcium can cause "moans, bones, stones, & groans". Watch for abdominal pain, bone pains, kidney stones, etc.

Could it be alright to take calcium supplements while boxing training?

Yes. This is fine. As a ringside physician myself, there's no reason not to supplement. I've been impressed with the level of sportsmanship in boxing and wish you the best.

If you take calcium supplements daily, can your body ever become immune to it?

No. No, we dont become immune to nutritional components of food or supplements. There is no such thing as immunity or tolerance to calcium.
Calcium. It won't become immune. Your levels, if too high may cause abdominal pain, kidney stones, as well as other hypercalcemic issues in the musculoskeletal system.