Can oral thrush coat just your tongue?

No. It can extend over all mucous membranes in the oral cavity and down the esophagus. I have seen patients with strings of white exudate extending from their uvula to the tongue and their entire throat coated white. If you are a normal adult u should not be getting thrush and should have your immune system examined and u should get tested for hiv.

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Hi im ahmed from macedonia, I want to ask about oral thrush or yellow coated tongue im not sure what is but I want to know if there is medical help for?

Unclear diagnosis. At your age, and if healthy, there is no reason for you to have thrush in the mouth unless your immune system is not working well or you use meds that can cause that, or you use steroids like for asthma. Have it evaluated first to make sure of the diagnosis, and if so why?
Not thrush. A coated tongue is not thrush...It's just a coated tongue, which does not require treatment. You can brush your tongue with a toothbrush if it bothers you. Thrush would appear on the palate, tonsils, gums, or the inside surface of the cheeks before it would appear on the tongue.
Fungal vs normal. Thrush is a fungus infection easily treated with antifungal meds like nystatin. Yellow coated tongue can be normal and often can go away with brushing your tongue.

Tongue has a light green coat on it dentist said not cancer or oral thrush what could it be then he said use tongue scraper it has helped some?

Biofilm. A coating on the tongue is a common finding. Of course the mouth is not a sterile site, and food passes through - so of course bacteria/microbes may find refuge there. (Think of bad breath). A bacterial mat or biofilm could form. RINSING with water frequently might help-it will dilute out nutrients therefore depriving microbes of food. Then you have BRUSHING (brushing the tongue) to dislodge them.

I have coated tongue, esp in furrow. Can you show photos of thrush?

Brush your tongue. A coated tongue does not necessarily mean you have thrush, which is an oral yeast infection. If the coating looks like cottage cheese curds, can be easily wiped away and it leaves the surface of tongue looking red. You should be brushing your tongue with your toothbrush after brushing your teeth, each and every time you brush. After a few days, your tongue should look normal. Questions, see dds.

I recently asked a question here what could cause coated tongue apart from thrush and was told squamous cells. What are squarmous cells on tongue!

Squamous Cells. Squamous Cells are flat, scale like cells that cover our digestive & respiratory tracts, hollow organs & much of the outer layer of skin. Thus, squamous cells are normal on the tongue.
Squamous cells. They are cells that line our respiratory, digestive and skin.

10 month old baby boy has white coated tongue (not spots) and bad breath. From what I read, probably not thrush, what else could it be?

Could Be Thrush. Frequently, thrush has a white coating over the tongue and if you wipe the tongue gently with a gauze, the classic red "spots" will show up. Either way, you need to have your son evaluated to determine what is causing this. Either a dentist or pediatrician can help you.